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Musing Date
A Nation Divided11/2/06
A last attempt, on your birthday.9/28/06
The Defoliation4/28/06
Enchant a noble cause, give it some reason.1/30/06
Watching bubbles rise...10/25/05
Overthought—Almost Lost Religion10/14/05
You're on the beach / this is your day10/1/05
It's just you.9/28/05
So um... bye5/23/05
We call it rambling5/1/05
Why I Hate Gay People (serious)4/27/05
I feel unconscious4/20/05
My worst love affair4/17/05
The Nose Knows3/31/05
My only daughter3/10/05
This is the sort of thing you delete the next day when sense returns2/24/05
angela's song2/15/05
The Thuper Bowl2/7/05
New THC Drawings2/1/05
Rock me one more time1/12/05
seven pm dreams1/5/05
Almost a regret for Christmas' end12/26/04
"Depressing News" --or-- "SFO2"12/9/04
I was a hopeful fool again12/6/04
Alexander the Great11/27/04
My drawings are finally online!11/21/04
Night of Day Dreams11/14/04
The Break-Up Post10/3/04
Weekend Get-away8/29/04
This is for the Dreamers8/15/04
I misplaced it8/9/04
"I guess I'll see you around"5/28/04
The Second Best Part About Owning Wicker5/22/04
The Best Part About Owning Wicker5/20/04
Here's a change! I promise!5/12/04
One hundred and eleven days4/28/04
A Short Story4/20/04
Inner Outercourse4/10/04
Synapse Disturbance4/5/04
Do you even remember?3/26/04
"We should totally rip people off more often... ooh, Marie Calanders"3/22/04
Red Light / Green Light, only permanent3/10/04
Everyone's been talking about it...3/3/04
A lot of people will take this the wrong way.2/29/04
Creative Writing Project #32/11/04
A Mis-understanding2/7/04

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