New THC Drawings
by enlite
(Everything Else, 1638 views) - 2/1/05
(recorded 2/1/05 @ 5:31:55 PM)
The new year is in full swing and I've been making a lot of progress with things. One of my projects that I hope to become more successful and productive with is my THC drawings.

Don't Poke Me!And oh look, I have new ones.

If you never checked out the 2002 drawings (all 102 of them) be sure to do that, and while you're at it (and for those of you who did) there are 30 new drawings from 2004.

If that's not enough to excite your boat, I've got another 30 finished for this year, and I'm not about to stop. Expect another update next month with more stoned Trembling Hands sketches.
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