If you were a perfume, your name would be "Butterflies"
by disillusioned
(Person, 2412 views) - 5/25/04
(recorded 5/25/04 @ 8:58:45 PM)
I can smell you.
It's weird,
because it's not tangible
it's not like "oh, i smell mamba on me"
it's more...
if i breathe through my mouth
and hold it for just the right period of time
i can taste the exact scent present when i'm with you
more explicitly- when i'm kissing you
and it really doesn't help this whole thing called "missing you",
because it just reminds me of the entire experience that is spending time with you

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wow, hoaky =P hehe

   [noprotein (J :: M) 5/26/04 1:36 PM]

Hmmm. I know what you mean. When you're around someone (it helps if its a special someone) a lot, you start to notice this intangible scent. It's pretty nice.

   [bondservant (J) 5/31/04 10:44 AM]

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