Perfection Through Silence...
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 1777 views) - 6/7/03
(recorded 6/7/03 @ 2:25:40 AM)
Decent song by Finch, but it holds a great deal of wisdom within its title. Consider how perfect someone or something can be to you based on your initial perceptions of its beauty before said perfection is ruined when you begin general discourse with said person. Consider that "hot blonde" who was perfect in your eyes until she opened her mouth. Or the dog you thought was simply adorable before his shrieking bark pierced your eardrums, and your patience.

Consider that the chances you have of preserving or increasing someones initial impression of the person you are in general isn't too high, unless you give it a great deal more thought than most humans are inclined to do. True, certain people struggle with initial encounters far more than others; some fail to be at all like themselves, others simply try too hard to impress someone, and still others act like themselves just a bit too much.

While I've always maintained that open, honest communication is best for most relationships, there have been times where things could have very well remained perfect (or at least closer to that illusion that is perfection) if only silence played a bigger role than its cameo in between breaths.

Something to think about, no doubt...
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