Happy Birthday, Ashleigh!
by disillusioned
(Person, 1827 views) - 9/9/05
(recorded 9/9/05 @ 4:06:45 AM)
Ashleigh, let me start by saying the simple: Happy Birthday.

I know that you read my mind enough to know that I can't convey all I want to say in this off-white colored box, but I count on your perception day in and day out, and I know that you know how I feel and what I mean just right, most all the time.

I remember about a year ago, climbing into a limo with you on your birthday. I didn't know you that well, but you were kind enough to extend an invitation to me anyway. Looking a bit further back, I remember my first impressions of you—you were someone with a bit of an edge; someone I could be innately comfortable being myself around and someone with whom tiptoeing would do absolutely no good. I secretly adored that about you, no matter how intimidating I found it.

I would come to learn that you and I share a bizarre, completely hilarious, top notch sense of humor, biting sarcasm, amazing musical tastes, strong idealism, an incredible ability to love completely and a shared view on so many things in life, along with other, smaller things, like the oft-recalled ability to spontaneously "argue" about shampoo and mousse, drawing the ire of strangers around us in a Target, and proclaiming that "we're not that cute, yet" to the poor cashier who thought we might be texting each other while checking out. (A very real possibility, indeed.)

I soon after found myself associating my favorite Damien Rice songs with you, not necessarily because of their content, but more because of the thoughts running through my head after an amazing time with you, as I drove home in the cold winter, windows down, smiling for the craziest of reasons.

There’s one undeniable fact about myself, and there’s a very real possibility you share this trait with me as well: I love the most those who encourage me to grow. It might sound strange, but I love being challenged. My extroversion is so much a product of being around other extroverts, but you’ve brought me out in other ways as well. You’re a crazy-stubborn girl with quite the (rightfully earned ;-) ego and a knack for well-used, sometimes none-too-subtle hubris. It’s something I wasn’t used to, but it encouraged me to express myself better. It encouraged me to embrace my own good qualities (it’s a good thing I’m pretty…) and to have more pride in myself. You’ve caused me to grow and you’ve had an amazing impact on me in myriad other ways as well, and I can only say I’m better off by far because of it.

I can’t go into so much detail here, but I want you (and others, really) to know, once again, how amazing I think you are. You know the things I refer to, and I won’t say any more, but just know that it’s truly left me breathless and blown away—A condition I don’t find myself in often.

I love you, Ashleigh, and you said it best: You’ll always own a piece of my heart.

With all of me,

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Thank you, Chris. You mean a lot to me. And no, that one sentence can't possibly withstand the weight of its meaning, so you know.

   [Wildfire (J :: M) 9/9/05 9:41 AM]

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