Tonight, I lived a metaphor...
by disillusioned
(Place, 2024 views) - 5/14/05
(recorded 5/14/05 @ 4:36:30 AM)
And just like that, there was no more trail to blaze. The path fell off in a splendid and instant decline from lane marked asphalt to considerable divots, pits, pure dirt and rounded stone.

And when you find yourself traveling at 60 miles per hour on the warm asphalt, you'll also find yourself quite content.

That is, until you're so abruptly thrown upon the uneven territory. And it's true that a "Road Closed" sign flickered just a few feet ahead. But it wasn't close enough to be of any use.

And the brakes locked up, and the skidding started, and the dust kicked up like your favorite whirlwind.

And I screamed, just a bit. It was simply the type of terrifying event that shouldn't happen so suddenly, so without warning.

We bounced and flew for a few fractions, and finally came to a stop.

The dust continued upward for just a spell, and I got out to inspect things.

No true damage was done, except perhaps some to the rims.

And yes, I'm still alive.

And yet all of this might play to be no fault of mine in the slightest, if not for the fact that it was my choice which road to peruse, which vehicle to take and which precautions to heed.

But I'll be damned if this wasn't life imitating life in the most perfect sense.

Truly, tonight I lived a metaphor.
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