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I could start this musing with "hey fag! have a good birthday!", but I don't think anyone else on the site would get it, and they'd be all like "oh my GOD did you SEE what he SAID" and then like "WOW he's like a RACIST" and like "but being GAY isn't a RACE" and like "well it's sorta like being JEWISH" and like "but JESUS man, I can't even BELIEVE he WENT there" and like "but MAYBE there's some sort of back story that we don't KNOW about" and like "well I sure HOPE so because you don't talk to your FRIENDS that WAY" and like "man, that word is just SO awful" and like "he couldn't even say ANYTHING back to HURT as much as that hurts" and like "well, didn't he USED to be FAT?" and like "no, I'm pretty sure HE still IS" and like "yeah, so if he means FAG, then FAT would work" and like "I'm sure that'd hurt, FAT people have the WORST feelings".

But I'm looking to avoid most of that. Sigh.

Simply enough, you've made a lot of things a *great* deal more fun than anyone should be able to.

I know maybe two or three people in my life who can have fun in this particular way with me. And they're to different varying degrees, but yours is great. Something is always made funnier when you have someone to bounce things off of, to stare at you and say "is he SERIOUS?" and to occasionally shout "OH GOD, JUST SHUT *UP*".

You've become one of my best friends, and it means a lot to me. I think it's been crazy, how we've noticed similarities in our relationships (like them starting and ending a week apart from each other) and in how we love and how we deal with the loss or gain of someone incredibly important to us.

I love that I can join in on the "light jazz" playback, and get crazy when we show Brent why Angela's hookah mix sucked. (Sorry, Ange.) And I love that we can both keep a pretty damn near straight face while Brent just stares at us in disbelief, as we start screaming in rythmn and then bring it back down to a subtle back beat...

Also, you're a principle member of Jamfunmeals. There's nothing more to be said about that.

There *is* something more to be said about your involvement on this site, though. You've embraced OIO since nearly the very beginning. You were shy and mysterious at first, but then you just said "to hell with that" and started writing for you. It's so rewarding to see someone take your creation and turn it into something *they* love. There've been times where I wonder if you *do* love OIO more than me, if that could even be possible. A simple thanks is all I can really offer, but it means SO much to me that you've done what you've done here. That you've taken the initiative on your own, and completely rocked being an editor to the best of your capabilities, completely of your own volition. It's awesome to see someone who knows how to be passionate, truly passionate about something. I've met... four? probably less people like that. And I dated one of them, so you should know that it's important to surround myself with those types... Thanks for being that type for me.

Life is made the absolute best when you have people around you who share that devilish grin, that glimmer in their eyes- that drive to be different. Those are the people who will always stand out in your memory, when you're old and looking back at who had what affect on you. It's something to be admired, and something to be embraced. I have a lot of respect for you, if you didn't know. Good luck on Blue Devils, but you know how truly talented you already are.

Thanks for being such a brilliant friend to me. Yours is a friendship I really do cherish. Have an amazing birthday today, and I hope you get something special from Adam! ;-)
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Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed our message on your phone (I hope we were all in tune). I hope you are having a great time in Cali!! Good luck with the Blue Devils thing.

I just want you to know that I am very glad that I've had the opportunity to get to know you over the past months and I truly value and appreciate your friendship!!

   [resplendence (J) 1/8/05 5:21 PM]

We've had a very very strange relationship Tony. However, I appreciate it. You're unbelievably unique. Keep on it. Probably more to say but *shrug*, hope the day was decent.

   [noprotein (J :: M) 1/9/05 12:10 AM]


Birthday week is the week where every one says really nice things about you and then you look back on it throughout the year when you're bummed to remind yourself what awesome friends you have.


   [enlite (J :: M) 1/10/05 4:31 PM]

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