My shift as the lighthouse...
by disillusioned
(Person, 1867 views) - 12/20/04
(recorded 12/20/04 @ 6:03:06 PM)
My guess is that a simple "thank you" isn't enough for this situation. No, this calls for something along the lines of a ticker-tape parade, or something of that magnitude. An incredible amount of patience and an incredible level of deep understanding, it means so much, it's nearly priceless.

There isn't a single person I would have rather had across from me, grasping so many things, grasping my hand... truly understanding.

This world needs more people like you. It's the truth. There are so many people out there who do more damage than good. And I may very well be one of them at times. Hell, I might be one of them *all* the time. At this point, I'm not so sure, myself.

But you... your reasoncount is bright and shining... you've been a reason for something more complex than a simple laugh or a simple tear. You've been a reason for something much more grand than that. It's important that you know that. It's important that you get what that means to me.

All I'm left with is those simple words: A thank you, even in the darkest of storms. We are each other's lighthouse sometimes, are we not?
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