Smoking awesome!
by disillusioned
(Humor, 1940 views) - 12/15/04
(recorded 12/15/04 @ 12:26:43 AM)
Tonight was one of the best nights I've had in quite awhile.

It was awesome, simply because it was completely fresh and new and spent with some of my very best friends and just... grrrreat.

Sorry for the poor commentary, I'm just getting these out as quick as possible. Also, beware, load times!

Let's start with braving the "storm", so to speak:

Brent and Tony do their best as firefighters... minus the protective gear and ravishing good looks. But at least they've got the... bravery? I dunno, you tell me...

Now, it becomes painfully obvious what's caused all of this... JAMFIRE!

I, too, decide to brave smoke inhalation and certain death:

Brent soon takes a tumble...

And asks that the camera be turned off.

Harder to see, but the repercussions for keeping said camera on:

Certain to win a Pulitzer prize, I present you with JamFeet:

Tony, obviously not sure what to do, trying to take it all in:

Eventually, Brent and him seem to figure things out:

But soon, things take a turn for the worst. First for the camera:

And then tragically for Tony:

But not before my favorite pic...

Wow, that was fun.
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Yay us.

   [enlite (J :: M) 12/15/04 3:36 AM]

Also, to all concerned parties:

If you think I am the type of person who, during a disaster, natural or otherwise, would:
a) be caught in the middle of it on purpose.
b) would be taking pictures of said caught in the middleness.
c) would be creating a musing about what hilarity ensued during said disaster.
d) would rub in the face of a close friend said disaster, with little or no real explanation...

Well, you're probably right. No, seriously. Nothing burned down. There was no fire. Yes, people have asked me. Indeed, some have wanted to know how much damage there was.

The only misfortunes I tend to write musings about are my own. And that was an entry, at that. Come on, now.

You know me better than that...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 12/15/04 6:50 AM]

That was too much fun!

Thanks Tony for bringing it over!





   [resplendence (J) 12/15/04 10:03 AM]

Yay us.

   [enlite (J :: M) 12/15/04 1:16 PM]

I agree...

Yay us.


   [resplendence (J) 12/15/04 3:02 PM]

Man, this was just... *so* awesome.

Sigh. I, too, love us...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 12/16/04 3:46 AM]

My feet are awesome.

Also, there are no pictures of Nate. Sadness.

   [enlite (J :: M) 12/20/04 11:26 PM]

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