Some day, we'll remember...
by disillusioned
(Matters of the Heart, 2024 views) - 12/10/04
(recorded 12/10/04 @ 2:37:19 AM)
One day, it'll catch up with us. It'll be one of those moments that causes you to take pause for just a few simple seconds, during your day. You'll drift off mentally. It would be best to not be actively operating heavy machinery at this time. Your eyes will gloss over, and you'll ask yourself something pretty simple:

I for *that*?

The thought process will continue, and it'll build up:
"What was I thinking when I - all for that.

The point is a simple one, yet it's utterly complex in its momentary nature. Our feelings are like dangerous tidal waves. Some, their amplitude is higher. Others, they're a sea of a different color. Can it just be said that at this moment in time, you're very fortunate to know what you really want? And might it also be noted that it's of some importance to recognize that you have it when you do. Take a picture, because it may not always be there.

These may very well be the hardest years for anyone. They're those years wrought with angst and stupid decisions and hormones and crazed feelings and all these things we thought we were supposed to leave behind on our graduation field. Instead, they've snuck in right behind us, and oh look, they're devouring us, from the inside out.

This is a period of time where the most important thing we can do is to grow. We will all mature. Some at different rates than others. Some of us will find exactly what we're looking for, and stick with it. Some of us won't figure that out for years. Sometimes, we'll end up lucky enough to destroy something beautiful. Lucky, because we learn from our failings. Lucky, because true beauty is so difficult to forget. Lucky, because it's always something that can be rebuilt.

We're damn lucky.
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I don't feel like I'm being devoured from the inside out. I don't feel much general angst, nor do I make stupid decisions.

Yes, life is tumultous, but we don't have to be inside. I'm not--not sustainedly anyway.

You're right, we are lucky! The only reason I say this stuff is that everyone harps on negative things so... I understand what you're saying when you say "Sometimes, we'll end up lucky enough to destroy something beautiful," but God help the man or woman who takes that the wrong way, if you know what I mean.

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