Happy Birthday, Chrismiss!!!
by disillusioned
(Person, 2281 views) - 11/17/04
(recorded 11/17/04 @ 3:20:46 AM)
To you, I offer this simple musing because you should know that I cannot fully express my thoughts, all of them strewn throughout my head, throughout my days, in such a simple venue as this.

This space is more for all others who love you, who cherish knowing you, who are so very glad to have you in their lives (or who hardly know you at all)... I, however cannot proceed to tell you how much you've affected me, how much of an incredible impact you've had on my life. (But that's never stopped me from trying before.) I'll be honest enough with you right now to let you know that there are still ways you couldn't conceive of.

You've shown me so many things, you've smiled so brightly, and for that, all I can stand to do is thank you.

Happy Birthday, Christina, and with all of me, know that I love you.
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I hope your day is awesome, incredible, exciting, wonderful, neat, fantastic, fabulous, stupendous, cool, amazing, surprising, stunning, breathtaking, remarkable and grand!!


   [resplendence (J) 11/17/04 7:09 AM]


And... I get to see chrismiss soonly.


Have a fabulous birthday, and eat cake. lots of cake.

mmm... i need breakfast.

   [hamlet (J) 11/17/04 9:25 AM]

Happy Birthday, babe. Here's to the one person who continues to amaze me every day. Love you.

   [Wildfire (J :: M) 11/17/04 9:31 AM]

Happy Birthday Chrismiss!!! Nice of you to finally catch up to us older folk! Now we can go to the strip club! Yee haw!! Seriously sweetie, I hope your day and 18th year of your life are fantastic because you deserve only the best! Love you!

   [Starcrossed (J) 11/17/04 10:03 AM]

Happy Birthday Chris! I'm so glad i get to see you this weekend. Have a great day. love you

   [magniumbra (J) 11/17/04 10:04 AM]

Happy birthday, Chris! You can buy dry ice now. Just think of all the prospects--dry ice bombs, dry ice hockey, really cool smoking punch at your birthday party....

I hope you have a cheery day.

Much love.

   [bondservant (J) 11/17/04 11:41 AM]

Feel special!!!

Happy Birthday, Roomie! Teehee. I'm finally living with an adult! Happy birthday, you sexy femme-bot!

   [Esperando (J :: M) 11/17/04 8:09 PM]

Thank you all so very much! (And thanks everyone else, OIOions or not, who wished me a happy birthday today.) It really ment a lot. Thanks for the lab coat, the great food, the swim lesson, the homemade card, the picture frame, bouquet of flowers (M&D!). Thanks for taking the time to make me feel super stellar.

   [Narcissus (J) 11/17/04 11:52 PM]

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