A year of growth, discovery, booze, women, villany, and ninjaness...
by disillusioned
(Person, 1887 views) - 10/22/04
(recorded 10/22/04 @ 1:35:54 AM)
Subtitle: A year in the life of Brent.

I've known you for more than ten years now. I'm not going to wax nostalgic like I did last year, but it's important for you to look at this last year. I truly believe this was one of the most important transitional years and one of the biggest years of growth for you, ever.

You've broken outside of some of the shells you've had. You've become more independently minded. You've thought for yourself a great deal, and you've opened yourself up to myriad new and exciting experiences. You're buying a house, you've been through a couple relationships, oh... and you graduated college and got a salaried position at a big company.

This is what the adult life is all about, and you're making your move into it rather brilliantly. I applaud you for being able to keep it fun, and for being willing to "find yourself" or at least discover parts of you that you probably didn't know you had hidden in there, even though you're out of college.

It's sappy or bizarre or whatever for me to be saying that I'm proud of you, but you've done some amazing things this year, and it's all for the best. You're one of my best friends, and I'm glad that I can call you that.

Have a great day today, and don't let anyone's wedding steal your thunder! ;-)

Your friend,

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You're old.

That's all. Happy birthday Brent!

   [enlite (J :: M) 10/22/04 1:51 AM]

I can still remember when I first moved down here and you were like the second person besides Chris that I had met at church. You were the cool "older" kid of 13 or so. Though I probably went a good 3 years without ever actually seeing you again, your name was always mentioned in some conversation, and always fondly. Here's to you and success at your job and to a new house where I'm sure good times will keep coming.

Happy Birthday Brent!

   [Diffused (J) 10/22/04 2:54 PM]

Hurray for using "myriad" correctly! I'm sorry I'm leaving such a lame note for such a heartfelt entry, but I don't even know Brent, and I truly am happy to see the word "myriad" used correctly.

   [TCcookie (J) 10/27/04 3:52 PM]

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