It's cold, it's wet, and there shall be tea.
by disillusioned
(Place, 1845 views) - 10/21/04
(recorded 10/21/04 @ 3:17:41 PM)
Today is one of those days. It's one of those perfect collections of serenity, calmness, and a dash of chaos brought together in a grand cacophony, a wild expression of true, unabated wonder.

Sunny days are all alike. (The ones where there are no clouds.) They're charming but for a few minutes. Then they become dry and boring and tasteless. Not like days like today. Today's sky is a dynamic canvas, screaming out in greys, blues, and unpredicatble droplets that soak your eyelashes as they fall around and on top of you. Today is the best example of interactive art, forged by nature and God himself, brought to you in a brilliant display of a moment you could never capture.

It's incredible. Embrace it.

It's cold. It's wet. And there shall be tea.
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Teeth chattering, waving our arms around trying to keep the blood flowing to our fingers, getting a few steps of leverage, then -- BAM! Right in the deepest part of the puddle. Giggling at ourselves, our clothes completely soaked and sticking to our skin- so badly its hard to walk in our jeans. And then -- BAM! Again! And water splashes up and catches us in our faces, and even though it's gross water dripping down our cheeks, we're smiling. And when she comes and watchs us and she laughs at the silly sight we are, that's when I stopped noticing the cold.

And yes, the sound my splashes make is not "Splash!", but "BAM!"

   [Narcissus (J) 10/21/04 9:31 PM]

Muy divertido.

JaJa...(because that's how Mexicans like me laugh)


   [Esperando (J :: M) 10/21/04 10:17 PM]

... I get to walk through five inches of snow to get to my midterm.


   [hamlet (J) 10/22/04 5:49 AM]

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