"It's Only *College*"...
by disillusioned
(Humor, 2027 views) - 3/28/04
(recorded 3/28/04 @ 2:28:15 AM)
I got my MCO 240 (Mass Media & Culture) class' test results back. Keeping in mind, I barely ever showed up*, I was slightly concerned about my performance in said class. I think that thought process went something like this:

Voice One (Guilt-monger): Yeah, um... have you ever noticed that we don't *ever* show up to MCO?
Voice Two (Rationalization/Justification Arbiter): What are you talking about? We went the first day. And the fourth. Oh, and we were there when he talked about that crazy Japanese movie!
V1: "Roshomon"? Yeah but...
V2: And we even made it to the second day of that movie! And if you'll recall, the question on that test about the movie, *we* knew the answer to because of that day. So don't go saying that we never show up.
V1: Yeah, but I mean... All right... But we haven't read even a single page of the texts! We bought all four of those books, and we haven't even *opened* them!
V2: Yeah, I'll give you that...
V1: I mean, when it comes down to it, we haven't even read through the entire *syllabus*.
V2: Yeah, yeah. But stop making me feel bad about it. At least we *enjoyed* the time we spent doing other things!
V1: Oh, real nice. That's your little "cost/benefit" analysis? Let's remember who's getting a D in Macro-Economics while we're at it...
V2: Shut up. Let's just look at the test results. I think we did pretty good. Do you remember some of those questions? Stuff like "This company owns ESPN" and "This is the largest circulation newspaper corporation in the US" and my *personal* favorite: "The First Amendment protects what?" I mean, honestly- you think we had to be there for that?
V1: True...
V2: And we did a half-way decent job bs-ing the essay and short answer questions, too...
V1: Yeah, yeah... Here are the results...
V2: Ha! Look at that! Seventy-percent, baby! What did I tell you?
V1: You're proud of a borderline D?
V2: Proud?!? Look at the class average! Seventy-seven percent! Do you have any idea what this will do to the curve?!
V1: Yeah, yeah... Maybe MCO isn't our biggest concern after all...
V2: What was that? *More* rationalization to keep skipping class?
V1: I mean... It's only *college*...

*I literally attended no more than five times. This is a class that meets twice a week.
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I don't care because I don't pay for it.

   [enlite (J :: M) 3/28/04 4:27 AM]

Such a good Philosophy to have, no doubt... Too bad that I may have to start paying next semester. Curse you, FAFSA!!!

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 3/28/04 9:20 AM]

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