A Valentine's Day Haiku
by disillusioned
(Poetry/Lyrics, 2033 views) - 2/13/04
(recorded 2/13/04 @ 4:54:08 AM)
Whether you have a Valentine or not this year around, take a swing, write your best V-Day Haiku... (Remember 5-7-5!)

I'll post mine after my Valentine sees it...

Feel free to play off other haikus, comment on other ones, and anything else that comes to mind...

And now, here's mine. Short but sweet, and well-received:

Getting lost in them
unintentional, it seems
your eyes, they capture
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Today I woke up
and found my hands had turned to
solid lumps of coal.

I would sit down now
and write you a love poem, but
I have no more space.

Did you mean it when
you said the thought of me
would freeze your warm heart.

Cosmically speaking
you will like me less and less
if I like you more.

This bud does not bloom
but no tragedy ensues
some flowers are bad.

Passions a killer
productivity falters
what are you left with?

Great big fat nothing
is all the email I have.
Nobody loves me.

Come to think of it
I don't get voice mail either
I have been cut off!

Not even people
who need my help with homework
call me these days.

Does my voice sound bad?
Full of saliva and clicks
that gross people out?

Am I too ugly?
or just too darn obnoxious
to catch someone's eye?

These questions hang thick
around my lonely bedroom
on Valentine's day.

   [Lindsay (J) 2/13/04 6:38 PM]

So chilly outside
Your glowing makes me so warm
I want to keep you

I ask you questions
Your answers are so abstract
These riddles are hard

Loves me, loves me not
Can you know without asking?
Please no more mind games

Here it goes again
I'm not afraid anymore...
Disbot... I love you.

Mood: hating haikus.

   [enlite (J :: M) 2/15/04 5:58 PM]

poo on you mister
no valentine for this year
no real one at least

got a box from K
she's very special indeed
i miss her mucho

longing for someone
this is the worst time of year
for that very thing

here's to finding them
i hope that I can do so
before it's too late

feelings a plenty
it's the lack of friends that kill
for they are not here

alone I sit here
saddened, only with my thoughts
to darken my way

have fun on your day
I know it's a lot to you
for you have someone

   [noprotein (J :: M) 2/16/04 8:15 PM]

Death to an evening
with bloody Valentine skies
in Superior.

   [Narcissus (J) 2/19/04 3:27 PM]

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