A tale of survival and heroism: The Ginger Story
by disillusioned
(Humor, 1783 views) - 9/26/03
(recorded 9/26/03 @ 8:19:42 PM)
It all started on a day as similar as any other I'd come to expect. The short skinny one, who barely gives me the time of day, decided in some roundabout fashion that it was time to clean my cage. Time to clean my cage, indeed! It's only been *two weeks*! But hey, you're comfortable living in your own filth with but a layer of cedar wood chips to keep you from your daily excrement, why shouldn't I be?

But I digress... He took me out of my cage, and placed me on the patio to roam free- one of those few opportunities I ever get to breathe in the outside air, to squeal where I otherwise couldn't. Ecstacy. The taller one who yells a lot at the short one was yelling for him to close the door. Big surprise.

He proceeding cleaning my cage, starting with removing the soiled wood chips. He washed my cage out, while I went along my merry business near the plants... Suddenly, he went inside, and closed the door behind me! Ten minutes passed, and then fifteen, and I slowly realized he wasn't coming back. I tried squealing, to no avail.

The next day it rained. Something of a blessing *and* a curse... I don't like getting wet, per se, but I *do* like getting wet as an alternative to dying from dehydration. I foraged around the greenery for food and camped out for the night.

Long story short, I spent three long days out in the "wilderness", until the blonde one's mom finally found me... It seems they hadn't even noticed I was gone! Oh, chagrin! But to live in a household where I'm loved and cared after- that's my dream... Suffice to say, I had an eventful adventure, but not at the expense of this "conditional love" I once felt for those who feed me. Maybe some extra baby carrots would smooth me over? Consider it- I don't bite!

Yes, this *did* happen. So much for responsibility and caring for your pet on Stevie's end...

Edit, January 31, 2004. 2:20p:
It appears as if Ginger may be on her last few days... She can barely stand, has lost a great deal of weight, and is shaking periodically... This is actually more sad for me than I would've thought, and I'm upset that she's feeling like she is. Say a small prayer, but things don't look good...

Ginger died, sadly. Rest in peace, fair guinea pig...
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HAHAHHAA you're poor little Bubble Guinea.

Now I'm thinking of my own little Guinea Pig.

About three weeks before she finally kicked the bucket, she stopped eating. We took her to the vet who said she had scurvy... and he gave me a bunch of vitamins. No kidding... I fed that stupid thing by hand for about three weeks, every morning. And then she died anyway.

In other words... Guinea Pigs are a pain in the butt. Get a dog... they last longer and you'll remember they exist.

   [Lindsay (J) 9/27/03 4:19 AM]

lol, how horrible.. both stevie AND lindsay. tsk tsk

   [noprotein (J :: M) 9/27/03 2:05 PM]

get a cat, if you ignore it for weeks, it will love you.

   [Ziabatsu (J) 9/27/03 9:10 PM]

lol, good job. I enjoyed this musing, a lot.

   [TCcookie (J) 9/27/03 9:17 PM]


i want to be a guinea pig!

enough with the exclamation points!

   [surrogate sonance (J) 10/3/03 4:06 PM]

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