Through Thick and Thin: A Tail Of Unconditional Love [sic]
by disillusioned
(Person, 1916 views) - 8/24/03
(recorded 8/24/03 @ 10:24:41 PM)
We all have ups and downs. C'est la vie. Naturally, it's a perfect thing to have someone there for you through it all. Someone who never waivers in their support and empathy, who always listens and always cares, and is always there. For me, this is my dog, Cisco.

It may sound ridiculous. So what? All I know is that, through all the times I'be come home and was upset because I messed up a friendship or threw away a test grade that was important, or won something seemingly insignificant, or just got back from watching a movie with my friends, or had my heart broken, or slowly realized it'd all be okay... through all of that, Cisco is there for me. And everytime I walk through the garage door, without fail, he's there to greet me.

His eyes wide and his tail wagging, he seems almost too excited- as if it's impossible to contain in his yellow, fur-coated body... He always searches eagerly, sometime with ill-result, for a pillow or pair of left-out socks or *something* he can bring me, simply to show his appreciation for the fact that I'm home. This means something to me. It's always nice to know you're loved. Even if it's something as seemingly simple as the unconditional love from your own personal "man's best friend". My dog is there for me, when the chips are down, or when everything is going perfectly. He's always willing to listen, or just sit there and follow you around throughout the day. He's a great companion, and a great friend.

If it sounds bizarre or questionable that I look to my dog for a feeling of assurance and the like, that's fine. It's simply the truth that his dedication never waivers, and that's that. Of course, such love and the like is also found with God... But I'm writing about Cisco simply because he's tangible, and here right now with me, and he doesn't care that my hair doesn't look perfect or that I'm upset about the stupidest thing or that my bed isn't made, or that my room is messy or that things are all over the place in my life. He's just there, and he's there for me.

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I miss my dogs, bleh.

   [noprotein (J :: M) 8/24/03 10:37 PM]

you can have my moms dog with all its psyc problems it has

   [Sliced Ice (J) 8/24/03 11:29 PM]

If Cisco dies of some sort of brain tumor...... Dear God. Dis would go crazy--not just "I'm a pretty princess" crazy. I'm talking about Michael Douglas Falling Down crazy.

   [Canis (J) 8/25/03 5:29 PM]

No, I'd have him freeze-dried. And Michael Douglas The Game crazy is just as apt. ;-)

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 8/25/03 7:07 PM]

I'm gonna have to go with BigFatNo on that one buddy. The Game Michael Douglas was delusional at best. The plot was crazy and everything happening to him was crazy, but I don't think that he actually went crazy. He got close, but he never actually ventured into bat crap insane territory like he did in Fallng Down.

   [Canis (J) 8/25/03 7:13 PM]

Well... ( :: braces for it :: ) I've never seen Falling Down, so I wouldn't really know...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 8/25/03 7:16 PM]

It's a new acronym I've developed. It'll help save time whenever the following comes up. (which it does, and often)

Really, you've never seen [insert title]?! I can't believe you've never seen [insert title]! That's the greatest movie ever!

   [Canis (J) 8/25/03 7:32 PM]

Freeze-drying is wrong!!! ;)

   [Narcissus (J) 2/19/04 3:23 PM]

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