Love, Chris
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 2040 views) - 8/12/03
(recorded 8/12/03 @ 12:04:19 AM)
I just finished writing a letter. It's taken me two and a half weeks. It's not particularly lengthy, and some of those days I would spend just looking at the pages, trying to discern how to better describe my feelings and emotions... I think I've done a good job... I'll know shortly, when I finally deliver it.

There's something special about writing a letter to someone. There are some things that can truly be expressed better when you have their captive attention, and where there is no interaction, except for the tears they may cry, or the smile that may crawl across their face. I've read and reread what I've written, in a desperate attempt to make sure that what's said is said in a manner that can be looked back on forever, and at a glance, bring a smile (hopefully) to the reader's face.

Of course, I do not compose all forms of correspondence with such painstakingness, but there are certain occasions when such heart and emotion must go into what you're working on that you would feel guilty for giving anything less than just that. Or it's just me, I'm really not sure.

I'm curious about how other's feel about writing. Personal correspondence with another person, be it through emails, folded up notes passed along at school time, or even notes in their journal... Do you ever write something within which you try to truly embody your feelings in a way that seems... barely able to be captured using something so simple as pen and paper? (or keyboards and printers, such as the case may be...) Leave a note with your thoughts; for now, I'm going to reread my letter one last time.
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How come no one has responded? Maybe it is because you have captured so well the feelings that can go through ones mind when they are trying to hard to get feelings out.
Nothing makes me more sad than not being able to convey what is inside of myself. I want so badly to let it out, but sometimes... Well I'm just not so great with language.
Maybe that is why we are given bodies. So that we can be living proof of those feelings inside. Why try to pin feelings down to black smears on white paper when we have been given a face, legs, arms and everything inbetween to encapsulate who we are?

Letters are only meaningful when the reader can recognize the feelings being expressed by the writer and this only happens when the writers life and body has already manifest these feelings and prepared the way for the reader to understand them.

   [dubitably (J) 8/5/04 6:42 PM]

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