Bad Poetry
by disillusioned
(Poetry/Lyrics, 1873 views) - 8/2/03
(recorded 8/2/03 @ 8:19:27 PM)
Bad poetry is, at least from a quantifiable standpoint, the result of manifested teenage angst in its purest form. That isn't to say that bad poetry can be the result of any number of other things (including lack of natural ability, problems with rhyming, and more specific things that fit into the 'natural ability' part) but that more often than not, if a person has the potential to write *good* poetry, than the quality of poetry they write will usually be inversely related to their age, or at least to the amount of "angst" dwelling within them.

I write bad poetry. Somewhat regularly. And then I post it here. You're welcome. This is to say, however hard I try to break past the barrier of creating stereotypical, teenage angst-driven poetry, I usually fail. I'm not sure what elements make a "bad" poem, or what patterns you see, but let's look closer.

"Good" Poem:

Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both..."

"Bad" Poem:

I sit here cold and lonely
The blood rushes through my veins
Eagerly I await the end
Death, sweet death

Drowning in my own lake of misery
And with pity left to spare
I look upon you with longing eyes
And ask for you to care

Actually, I sorta like the second stanza. Maybe that's a bad sign.
Regardless, so little in the world of creative poetry at "our age" is original or unique or worth a second glance, that it's pretty remarkable when we churn out something that doesn't cause the english professor down the road's bile to rise... You'll find that (hopefully) the contributions by the OIO editorial staff to be of a quality not demanding the bile-generating functions of your body, and actually find them to be something that illicits an emotion response inside of you. This should, of course, be true of all the various forms of creative writing and not just poetry and the like...

I'm not sure exactly what my purpose was here, except to outline the pitfalls of bad poetry... It's easy to write poorly. It's incredibly difficult to write something that can truly bring to someone's mind an image painted in a specific way, that makes them feel it deep within them, and truly show them they're alive. I offer this advice:

Show us we're alive. Make us feel it, the way you do inside. It's an incredible challenge. Meet it and impress us.
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