To a friend through it all, today is yours...
by disillusioned
(Person, 1893 views) - 10/22/03
(recorded 10/22/03 @ 2:13:54 AM)
Of course, to my dear friend Mr. Brent Marshall Heyen:

Wow man, you're 22... Can you believe it? You're one of the oldest people on this crazy site!...

I've known you for almost an eternity- as long as I've known anyone else here, and longer- far longer, than most... I've always looked up to you- you have no idea what sort of influence you were on me when we were (much) younger... The reason I used to always bug your mother and ask if I could have you over to play and the like was simply, I thought you were the embodiment of "cool". That, or I couldn't tell you were four years older than me ;-).

In all seriousness, I don't even know what you were thinking, relenting as you were those few times to coming over to my house and the like. That's an awfully big charge to pin on someone 13, 14- to "play" with a nine year old...

We always had great times... I remember how bloody excited I'd get when my mom would tell me that your family was coming over on the weekend... We'd put together those great, crazy plays... complete with bad acting, bad directing, weirdly funny writing, and great stunts, assisted by your dual matresses... I remember flying over the matress perched on its side, to land on the other one, laying flat, after our faux gunfight... Do you believe I still remember the line:
"You from Texas?" ("Yeah...") "Remember the Alamo..." BLAM!

Hahahaa.... I didn't get it then, but our parents cracked up at our silly antics... What coolness was that? We'd actually put together mini-performances for them, in the course of an hour or two.

Then, of course, at my house, where we'd play our version of Jurassic Park... You were always the raptor... Stevie was the dog. Lindsay, I really can't remember what part you played, except that I'd hope it was you who got eaten and not me... We'd sneak around the house, trying to avoid you, and run furiously when you finally found us, in the dark... Craziness indeed...

Of course, those silly games we played as "kids"... (some would argue that even at 22 and 18, we're not yet past being just "kids". some would be right) ...aren't all...

I've had the distinct oppotunity of watching you form yourself as a musician. From when you'd lead the youth group in a few worship songs with your acoustic in the back room to now, when you (presently less occasionally) play shows on stage, playing the music you write, the music you enjoy... I also love when you and I team up and just have our mini jam sessions... There's something *so* cool that we can just pick it up and go at it, and everything will seem so in sync, even though we've never done it "just like that" before, you know?

I remember the video announcements we've produced. And not just the good ones. God, remember the JuiceMan one? The one where I wore those gigantic cotton ball eyebrows, and we hawked our "PieJuicer"? Creative, we were, that's for sure... You were always fun to bounce ideas off of, and to just completely act crazy with...

It's weird, because I see a lot of me in the way you are... Hopeless romanticism especially... The way you talk about wanting to be with a girl, or wanting things to work out in whichever fashion really rings home to me, because so much of it is the way I am... I know you'll end up with some crazy lucky girl, too man... You aim to please, and you maintain this level of dedication that any girl would be privileged to be the recipient of...

We've had so many dozens of memories together... The way that you've let me zing you like crazy and just take it- and the silly way I'd praise you when you'd finally step up and get me back... I'm sorry if I've ever really burned you- I do respect you more than you know, and I consider you one of the best friends I could ever ask for.

I know, the couple half dozen (that's like... a whole dozen...) times we've made those long drives- usually to and from family camp... We'd usually spend them enjoying our music, screaming out the words, while once or so, we'd spend it quietly, and I got to listen to the entire John Mayer album... All good times, some truly great...

I know you're someone I can always trust. You're someone I could come to no matter what has happened, and you'll be there to talk to. I hope you know, and I'm pretty sure you do, that you can always do the same with me. I don't want you to ever hesitate to call me or write me or stop on by and just discuss stuff- We all need that sort of friend, and I want you to know that I'm here for you when that stuff happens- for better and for worse...

It's your twenty-second birthday. Your golden birthday. I hope you spend it exactly the way you'd like to, and that you have a marvelous time all around... I'll be sure to call you sometime during the course of the day, but just so you know, Happy Birthday, to one of my best friends around!

The day is yours, my friend! Enjoy it, savor it, and build yourself from this point forward.

Your friend,

--Chris Cardinal
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Thank you Chris. Man, I can't believe all the things we've been through together (I can't believe you still remember a line from one of our plays!). It's been awesome. It's great friends like you that make Birthdays (heck, everyday!) special.



   [resplendence (J) 10/22/03 5:23 AM]

Happy belated birthday. :P
Welcome to the double deuce club.

   [Chillax (J) 10/30/03 11:02 AM]

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