The Great California Casbah Entry!
by disillusioned & enlite
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Here's a record of our trip. I've fixed the post-ordering, because it was sorting by strictly time and not day. D'oh. Thanks for notifying me, peoples. Click for the latest post (at the bottom).
disillusioned's posts:enlite's posts:
Thursday @ 6:56 PM: On way to apartment to dine and depart... woo! 
 Thursday @ 7:38 PM: Sheesh, when are they gonna get here?
Thursday @ 7:59 PM: Finally got the live entry bugs out. Ready to rock. 
 Thursday @ 8:39 PM: yay! Road trip! Here we go!
Thursday @ 8:39 PM: In the car now... Tony's texting too. Dinner forthcoming, and the ceremonial filling of the cooler. 
 Thursday @ 8:40 PM: -dance dance-
Thursday @ 8:41 PM: So if it wasn't obvious enough, Tony, Nate, Evan and I are all heading to California. 
Thursday @ 8:42 PM: This entry was hacked together with parts of lesser entries, but notes should work and such. 
 Thursday @ 8:44 PM: safeway is surprisingly cold right now.
 Thursday @ 8:45 PM: wow chris just totally knocked over a six pack of strawberry something and made a mess on the floor
 Thursday @ 8:45 PM: -clean up on isle seven-
 Thursday @ 8:59 PM: don't worry, we'll have pictures
 Thursday @ 9:00 PM: chris and i have decided not to let anyone know what we post, so sorry for redundancy
Thursday @ 9:01 PM: Current odometer read: 159900. Some fun miles are up ahead. 
Thursday @ 9:01 PM: Why? Because we can. 
Thursday @ 9:01 PM: Enjoy our exploits, live vicariously, be jealous. 
Thursday @ 9:01 PM: And oh my God, they won't stop with the robin williams quotes... Is it me Jesus? 
Thursday @ 9:05 PM: Oops. Damn poor facing. I bright red geyser all over my shoes... wee... 
Thursday @ 9:06 PM: A six pack of IBC cream soda: $3.89. A six pack smashed on the floor of aisle seven: Priceless. 
 Thursday @ 9:24 PM: 311++
Thursday @ 10:01 PM: White cheddar popcorn, Munchies, and cream soda. Life is sweet on the road. 
 Thursday @ 10:06 PM: Evan and i are in the back seat watching harry potter 2. There is nudity
 Thursday @ 10:10 PM: no, you can't have sex with percy... Or draco... Or tom riddle... -sigh-
Thursday @ 10:17 PM: I love how the mountains look at night, with the noon barely providing enough contrast behind them... 
Thursday @ 10:18 PM: Drives at night though the desert are far superior to the bland day treks... 
 Thursday @ 10:29 PM: ice cream- come to my mouth. How dare you defy me!
 Thursday @ 10:47 PM: giddy chris: I love you guys
Thursday @ 10:57 PM: Ooh contest... I'll give a dollar to the first person to text my phone (not aim) in cali... 
Thursday @ 10:58 PM: We're twenty minutes from blythe, and eating there 
Thursday @ 10:58 PM: And you have to have the word win in your text... 
Thursday @ 10:58 PM: And you only get three entries. 
Thursday @ 10:59 PM: Because i'm insane thinking anyone will care enough to try... 
Thursday @ 11:12 PM: Woo. Flying J. 
 Thursday @ 11:27 PM: fat people only work at wendy's for the tangible benefits
Friday @ 12:00 AM: I sort of just MWAHed out loud for no good reason. Bet you with you were here... 
Friday @ 12:01 AM: We've listened to 311, Incubus, and now APC... Perfect road tripping music, if you ask me 
Friday @ 12:22 AM: "Can I get a small frosty?" "Is that all?" "Yes." 
Friday @ 12:23 AM: "For here or to go?" *stare* 
Friday @ 12:23 AM: "Seriously?" 
 Friday @ 12:43 AM: does zach use his laptop for porn? We can't find any
 Friday @ 12:53 AM: evan is being philosophical
 Friday @ 12:55 AM: 'looking into the rearview mirror, i see my own reflection... At least half of it.'
 Friday @ 12:56 AM: 'isn't that the story of everyone's life?'
 Friday @ 12:57 AM: it's quiet and coldslay and wind accompany his typing.
 Friday @ 12:58 AM: 'maybe it's because we all need to have dreams... '
 Friday @ 12:59 AM: he just deleted it all, i made him control z.
 Friday @ 1:02 AM: did you ever have something special? I had a girl who would watch her heartbeat to mine when we law together
Friday @ 1:03 AM: But Coldplay's on, and that's good. 
 Friday @ 1:04 AM: people don't believe the connections you have when you really case about someone, the little things you do
Friday @ 1:04 AM: Oh, Jack Johnson now. 
Friday @ 1:11 AM: Tony just asked me to dance for him. And he called me "my pretty". By texting me. And I didn't even find any of that weird 
Friday @ 1:11 AM: Although quite a challenge it is, to dance from the front seat for someone behind you. 
Friday @ 1:11 AM: But alas, i'm creative... 
Friday @ 1:14 AM: Also, some advice from earlier in the evening: Never ask a gay man for specifics... 
Friday @ 1:25 AM: "Is this computer *really* dumb?" "Well, it *is* Zach's" (We love you!) 
 Friday @ 1:30 AM: chris: I can almost taste johnny depp
 Friday @ 1:32 AM: tony: Mmm salty
 Friday @ 1:35 AM: (gandalf pipe while driving)++
 Friday @ 1:47 AM: oops... Sorry nate's cd player
Friday @ 1:50 AM: Operation "change the disc changer in the trunk from the back seat" successful. What a way for the seat to lose its cherry 
 Friday @ 1:58 AM: so is it bad that we almost pulled over to get high and watch a building?
Friday @ 3:19 AM: I can't live in the flat desert forever... sigh. Anyone up for Colorado or Cali or NY or like... Spain with me? 
Friday @ 3:25 AM: And we're here. Time for some casbah-rocking sleep. 
 Friday @ 3:26 AM: yay we're here and it's sleep time!
 Friday @ 3:27 AM: it's time for another one of our sexy parties!
 Friday @ 3:33 AM: if you're still reading this, go tuck yourself in. We'll see you tomorrow
 Friday @ 3:47 AM: ...nevermind. Chris is playing super nintendo games on the lappy
Friday @ 3:51 AM: Mmm... Big jamroom. To bed for us, for now. No more stupid nintendo games. 
 Friday @ 3:51 AM: okay for real now. Night kids
 Friday @ 4:24 AM: shit. Now we've got the munchies
Friday @ 4:47 AM: Even better high, seems to be the consensus... 
Friday @ 4:47 AM: Okay, now bed for real. Damn, they're high. 
 Friday @ 2:06 PM: <hr>
Friday @ 2:06 PM: <HR> 
 Friday @ 2:07 PM: where the hell did nate go?
Friday @ 2:07 PM: Pitch black in this room means we wake up now... 
Friday @ 2:20 PM: It's cold and wet but also green and beautiful. 
Friday @ 3:01 PM: "Oh, it's carbonated! i didn't have to shake it then?" "Yeah, no." 
 Friday @ 3:05 PM: don't tell chris we ate all the cinnamon rolls.
 Friday @ 3:19 PM: it's raining a little, but it looks like we're going to bundle up and go to the beach
 Friday @ 3:23 PM: i just shimmied with evan
 Friday @ 3:27 PM: chris is playing drums and nate and i are creating our own piano noises. We should really leave
 Friday @ 3:28 PM: i have a act
 Friday @ 3:28 PM: cat rather
Friday @ 3:29 PM: "You look like you need a cat." "So go get the cat." *stare* "Please don't stroke the phantom cat." 
Friday @ 3:56 PM: Tony better not be getting us all sick... 
Friday @ 3:58 PM: I love how green it is here. I hate how html doesn't work on this thing. 
 Friday @ 3:58 PM: california has 'i'm serious' road signs. They don't fuck around
 Friday @ 4:04 PM: evan: Stop controlling my mind!
 Friday @ 4:04 PM: zach, evan is wasting your battery on Spider. And sorry if you can't get into the apartment
 Friday @ 4:05 PM: that wasn't on purpose
 Friday @ 4:06 PM: everyone needs to go see Sharktank Redemption. If you liked shawshank you'll like it
 Friday @ 4:08 PM: hey chris- is it me jesus?
 Friday @ 4:17 PM: -evan mumbling something incoherent in the front seat-
 Friday @ 4:28 PM: evan doesn't like when chris and i sit in the back seat and text each other
Friday @ 4:30 PM: Rain has not our spirits down. En route to beach. Wish you were here. There might be dancing. 
Friday @ 4:30 PM: Evan and Nate just realized the time zone difference. They must be college students. 
Friday @ 4:31 PM: Unfortunately, the usual rule of what happens in California stays in California can't really apply anymore. 
Friday @ 4:31 PM: Tony: "I've got a whole lot of batteries in my pocket, so we're good." "Oh, *that's* what that is..." 
Friday @ 4:39 PM: Thank you for listening thus far. 
Friday @ 4:40 PM: Mmm... Traffic. 
Friday @ 4:41 PM: We're still having more fun than you. 
 Friday @ 4:41 PM: (people who mis-quote robin williams)--
Friday @ 4:52 PM: Maybe I'll just fall in love, that could solve it all... 
Friday @ 5:04 PM: Lover, you should have come over... It's not too late... 
 Friday @ 5:09 PM: so evan definately got is lost.
 Friday @ 5:10 PM: and we just spent a good fifteen minutes going in the wrong direction on the freeway
 Friday @ 5:24 PM: there is a rivalry between the front and back seats
 Friday @ 5:24 PM: the driver is neutral
Friday @ 5:31 PM: Beach. Woo. 
Friday @ 5:38 PM: Me, putting cream soda into Nate's backpack outer pouch: See, if it falls, it's just sand. 
Friday @ 5:39 PM: Bottle falls on three foot stretch of concrete sidewalk in middle of huge sand stretch... 
Friday @ 5:39 PM: Me: See, I said sand. Nate: Yeah. 
Friday @ 5:42 PM: Tony's drawing weed penguins in the sand... 
 Friday @ 5:49 PM: so we made it to the beach and now we're smoking crabs.
 Friday @ 6:21 PM: we are appreciating the sunset
 Friday @ 6:21 PM: and evan if way stoned.
Friday @ 6:21 PM: Experiencing Evan's first sunset while he's high... -- 
 Friday @ 6:54 PM: god dammit king of the hill is on in the pizza place
Friday @ 7:28 PM: Oh so full on cheesy bread. Fun at Venice Beach, ++ 
 Friday @ 7:31 PM: ...We're used to it
Friday @ 7:51 PM: We're a bit lost, but only vague... 
Friday @ 7:51 PM: vaguely... 
 Friday @ 7:52 PM: we just drove by Eat Love, the place we ate at last year
 Friday @ 8:56 PM: oh no we're trapped talking to the crazy woman
 Friday @ 8:57 PM: ethan is bouncing around on all fours pretending he's a cat
 Friday @ 8:57 PM: and the act Paw is excited to impress us
Friday @ 9:00 PM: Yawn. 
Friday @ 9:00 PM: We're watching the kitten... and evan's cousin do cat imitations. 
Friday @ 9:01 PM: And apparently, the cousin's hair is oft mistaken by said kitten for fur... and thus, the kitten tries to nurse in it. 
Friday @ 11:31 PM: Good Lord my chocolate drink is rich. Geez. 
Friday @ 11:31 PM: Plus, there are drunk girls messaging my phone now... have fun. 
Saturday @ 12:06 AM: Tony: I'm gonna make a root beer float, but with ice cream and gin... 
Saturday @ 12:30 AM: Woo, liquor run. 
Saturday @ 2:55 AM: *knocks on bathroom door* Evan's aunt: Come on in! *blinks* 
 Saturday @ 4:16 AM: tony: I think you'd know he i was doing jesus
 Saturday @ 4:16 AM: 'body of christ, body of christ'
 Saturday @ 4:17 AM: 'yeah jesus take it all! Take my sins!'
 Saturday @ 4:17 AM: ... Sorry brent...
 Saturday @ 4:17 AM: so apparently about four hours of my conversations were lost. Sad for us.
 Saturday @ 5:03 AM: so uh... Nate just took the cookie from the cookie jar... If you know what i mean
 Saturday @ 5:03 AM: awkward...
 Saturday @ 5:03 AM: i'm pretty sure we're going to bed now, so enjoy your morning and see us later
 Saturday @ 1:30 PM: wow. Waking up before noon is hard
 Saturday @ 2:28 PM: good morning oio
 Saturday @ 2:29 PM: evan: Jumping on the trampoline is hard work
Saturday @ 2:42 PM: Shower time. Woo. In other news, i'm really glad we have the laptop and Internet so i could fix the sorting problem earlie 
Saturday @ 3:11 PM: Hrm... Tony's entries seem to not want to take. Bah. 
 Saturday @ 10:14 PM: there are some times when it's good for evan to pee on me
 Saturday @ 10:15 PM: getting hit on by creepy old women and weird gay guys on the pier is unnecessary
Saturday @ 10:27 PM: In other news, my friends are fucking stoners... 
Saturday @ 10:49 PM: Tony: I think i'm a gay stiffler. 
Sunday @ 4:59 AM: For the record, or anyone keeping score, six or seven or eight shots of 99 proof will sufficiently get one drunk. very. 
Sunday @ 5:00 AM: Apologies to those who called. Props for me not drunk calling anyone, though. 
Sunday @ 5:00 AM: And props to me and evan for walking over a mile in a foreign neighborhood and making it back 
Sunday @ 5:01 AM: Also, (99 Apples)++ 
Sunday @ 5:02 AM: And just... yeah... sigh. I don't think I've ever been this wasted. So it's time to crash, before it all wears off, right? 
Sunday @ 5:02 AM: Right. To bed for now. I'll figure out the proper phone calls in the morning, or late tomorrow evening. 
Sunday @ 5:04 AM: For now, goodnight, fair oioers... sleep tight. 
 Sunday @ 1:42 PM: wow. So, making up for lost time
 Sunday @ 1:42 PM: tried to sleep outside on trampoline
 Sunday @ 1:43 PM: too cold. (Being sick)--
 Sunday @ 1:44 PM: nate and i were attacked by wino versions of chris and evan who spooned with us against our will
 Sunday @ 1:45 PM: evan says he was just trying to fist chris. We just hid under the blankets
 Sunday @ 1:45 PM: when chris is way drunk he will constantly remind you of this fact
 Sunday @ 1:48 PM: people were playing DDR to the Extreme at the pier, so we didn't offer them weed
 Sunday @ 1:48 PM: good thing phil didn't come
 Sunday @ 1:49 PM: i threw my phone into a pile of cans and spilt root beer on nate's phone
 Sunday @ 1:49 PM: but i don't feel too bad because chris knocked the printer off the desk
 Sunday @ 1:50 PM: there's a lot of good reasons for us not to have nice things
Sunday @ 2:22 PM: Tony: I am a trampoline soloist! 
Sunday @ 2:23 PM: Yeah ya are... 
 Sunday @ 2:23 PM: tony: Sorry, Chris thinks he's a drummer
 Sunday @ 2:23 PM: andre: Don't we all?
Sunday @ 2:23 PM: So we're awake, packed up and ready to head out... 
Sunday @ 2:23 PM: Last night there was definite drunkenness. 
 Sunday @ 3:12 PM: looks like we're on our way home. I'm gonna try to get evan to eat a twinkie
 Sunday @ 3:18 PM: VICTORY IS MINE!
 Sunday @ 3:18 PM: he ate it and he liked it
Sunday @ 3:39 PM: We're on the road now, listening to Incubus. Life continues to be good. 
Sunday @ 3:40 PM: Evan forgets ever buying strawberry milk while drunk last night... 
Sunday @ 3:40 PM: Me: Oh, and you owe me $2.00 for it too... 
Sunday @ 3:41 PM: "Nice try..." 
Sunday @ 3:41 PM: *pulls out receipt* drunken receipt, bitch! 
Sunday @ 3:55 PM: Meanwhile, a nap doesn't sound like too bad an idea... 
Sunday @ 5:34 PM: The freeway is long, and definitely less insipiring when not blanketed in the obscuring darkness... le sigh 
Sunday @ 5:36 PM: We're listening to the gladiator soundtrack again... sort of nice background. 
Sunday @ 5:39 PM: Oh, and we're a mile away from red cloud road. 
Sunday @ 5:39 PM: Ohp, there it is... 
Sunday @ 5:40 PM: Yeah, I can see why there aren't many freeway blogs out there... 
Sunday @ 5:41 PM: Fifty eight miles to Blythe. My guess is I'm home by ten or ten thirty tonight... 
 Sunday @ 7:16 PM: we're home
 Sunday @ 7:17 PM: summations: (out of tune techno)--, can't smoke amphetamines in a hookah, time for a long long bath or hot tub adventure
 Sunday @ 7:17 PM: don't ask me about the trip, i need to forget certain things for life to carry on
Sunday @ 8:26 PM: So it appears I can't count. Revised estimate: Nine or nine thirty. We're already on the 101 
Sunday @ 8:27 PM: And every nearly through Oakenfold's Tranceport... i love his stuff for late night, long drives. 
Sunday @ 8:27 PM: Every = even... 
Sunday @ 9:22 PM: Final odometer reading: 160872 
Good job, boys! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. /me is jealous.

Carpe Diem
   [Wildfire (J:: M) 1/31/05 1:11 AM]

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