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I like reading Jewish texts 4/7/06
This terse and intriguing story comes from Chapter II (14b) of a tractate of the Babylonian Talmud called Hagigah. This passage deals with the celebration of holidays in Temple worship.
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Something to be proud of (?) 4/7/06
God you guys, I wish there was some sort of huge festival that I could take part in to celebrate how awesomely different I am from the rest of the...
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I would rather watch Pearl Harbor. Twice. 3/8/06
I'm really fed up with this Developmental Psychology class. I've taken some bullshit courses, but this one takes the cake. For starters, we just watched an HOUR LONG documentary about...
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Crazy Weekend (agreed) 2/22/06
Friday started out normally, except that I woke up an hour later than I probably should have and it was a rush to get to the airport. I already posted...
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My time of the month 2/17/06 be awesome! It's Blue Devils weekend again and, because it wouldn't be much fun without some element of surprise, Jeremy and I got booked on the wrong flight! Yes, going straight...
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The 'happens twice a year' entry about classes and stuff 1/28/06
Well, I talk about it every semester, so here it goes again. Spin the wheel folks, it's time to learn about random ASU classes and why I like them. *whirrrrrrr click...
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