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this may seem like a depressing title for this journal but i feel that i am broken and this journal is a way for me to log and keep track of my journey to recovery and feeling fixed and whole...
life, or somthing like it 12/3/03
Wow, sorry for the "long time no write". Things here haven't really changed all that much. Well actually, come to think of it, they've changed...
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Finding my way... 7/20/03
For the past few days life has been no different. i suppose the reason i havent been writing is just for lack of motivation. my friend sammy spent the night...
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Trying to understand... 7/18/03
Well...after reviewing comments i recieved from people i suppose i should explain more my efforts to have main reason why i stroingly...
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Where to begin... 7/18/03
I dont really know what to say in here...i guess there's a lot of shit i'd like to let out but im trying...
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