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For the Sporkster 7/14/04
Ahem... *cough* *cough* Torch the cake! *cough* Uhhhh... Happy Birthday......
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PARTY! 7/9/04
Lot's of people Krystle doesn't know dancing to Beatsie boys and trying to get me to join. it's fun trying to listen to all of the drunk people have decent...
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Unfaithful 7/6/04
I've been cheating... the other ...
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The Fourth 7/5/04
Well, I had a lot of plans for the fourth and most of them were cancelled when my dad had to rush onto post because one of his troops tried...
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A Long Overdue Outing 7/4/04
After stalking her mom, I got Rasheals phone number and I returned home to eat some dinner before going all the way back to her house to pick her up....
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Right where we left off 7/3/04
It's so nice to have friends who love you for being yourself and you love them right back because you can be yourself with them. I have a few and...
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Lake stuff4/11/04
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