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This Cup... 6/13/04
This empty cup that is in front of me passes by as if it once were a dream the dream that called out to me in my sleep the one that haunted me...
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It's all I know... 6/13/04
You asked me what I wanted my mind rushed through all the things we'd ever done I saw our first kiss the first time I looked into your eyes and smiled the first time...
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Get a little piece of my heart 5/26/04
I’m standing here in my doorway She looks up and I look away I can see the kids playing in the backyard and my mind races while I look at her and grin look...
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First Touch 5/16/04
their first touch at 17 was in the park and the moon was full she was beautiful to me and her hair was long and her eyes were blue and her skin was...
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Writing Assessment 5/3/04
Imagine a life with no bounds. A world where you can open your door and see someone 3000 miles away in Orlando, Florida, sipping a lime martini and enjoying...
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Restless 5/1/04
Oh my restless soul, trying hard to take control, worn out from standing still. Knowing what i am and hopeing that i can find, a way to make it...
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