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11:20.. plenty late 5/21/07
It makes me laugh, the way the life stream goes.. You might think it's as easy as setting a goal and achieving it. For me, It's never been...
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The way it is... 2/26/06
Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone; to have a deep, full relationship with one another; to be loved thoroughly and exclusively. But, God says...
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Quiet Echo 10/21/04
there is a quiet echo etched into my mind it has consumed my soul it has made me blind i'm gasping for air i'm crying out for peace but this devil inside me will give me no...
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Since I met you 7/27/04
Since I met you, I haven't slept the same Since I met you, there's been no replacing.. you fill up my world and you cleared up those spaces that were left wide...
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Fire 6/13/04
I see a fireplace a glow with love and passion I can hear the crackle as the maddening fire racing to light every peice of tinder it's freedom in a way that...
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Too lazy to give this a title. 6/13/04
Climbing down this ladder of thoughts I see all of what I once was perfecting what I had, each day I was happier then I ever thought possible then one day, I lost...
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