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Je vais parler de mon jour. Non? D'accord. Trop mal. Salope.
oh no, hell no. 3/14/06
My break has been incredibly boring. This morning, I got up, took a shower, and danced around naked to the Smiths while straightening my hair. That actually could have been...
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my! i haven't grown much! 5/24/05

Apparently I've always been this mellodramatic, except recently I've just gotten a little more clever about it.

I've really got to get out, live a little. If nothing else, at least...
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*stretches hand muscles* 5/23/05
why do i always give in? all i know is: he called. it was 11:45 and i was watching tv. the room was dark and the television gave an eerie blue...
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Blah. 9/3/04
How come I don't write that often? I feel kinda bad about it. Hey everyone! I hope you're all well. Especially Phil. How's your sister? You know, we haven't talked...
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Here I come, just crawlin' back. 6/29/04
Okay so, today's my birthday. I'm 15. I guess I'm s'posed to change now. It's been a strange year. I must say, Year 14 of Kiara's life was one of...
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When is it over?!?!?! 4/15/04
I need an opinion. Earlier this week a guy I used to date a really long time ago totally threatened to do some very unsavory things to me and my...
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Hi hi hi there. Long time no viddy.3/24/04
Fashion. Buy it. Load it. Shoot it.9/20/03
NEWS FLASH! what a busy night for journal entries!9/15/03
Knickerbocker rocker thank you.9/15/03
Long time no see, komrads.9/15/03
sometimes i hate rollercoasters8/27/03
OUCH, dammit!8/10/03
so i breathe fresh air and begin to choke8/4/03
and as we listen, they listen to the silence.8/4/03
stretching cash7/29/03
drowning my sorrows in any way possible7/28/03
this is a real thought. are you surprised?7/24/03
beth. please read this.7/23/03
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