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Title and Registration 9/17/04
What the hell is wrong with me... I've been so happy this past month. I'm loving Duke. It is my home, my paradise, my Garden of Eden. It...
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Don't Read If You Dream Of Licking Bush's Shoes Clean 7/11/04
Powell's 'Solid' C.I.A. Tips Were Soft, Committee Says By DAVID JOHNSTON WASHINGTON, July 10 — The images of dysfunction were stark. The C.I.A. stubbornly refused to accept contradictory evidence, relied on...
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1984: A Magazine 7/6/04
For all those who are interested, visit www.freewebs.com/1984today I'm going to start an online and publicated magazine. I need writers, web designers, pretty much anyone. So if you want...
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The Odd Things One Notices (interesting observation) 6/29/04
It's a dog-eat-dog world. by LeftYouBehind (Today) liquid potatos by hippie_trash (Today) life by Blakesta (Today) Sucks by QuickSilver (Today) ...
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Veritas - The Student Body 6/17/04
So I'm reading this book called The Student Body by Jane Harvard (actually it's a collaboration of 4 Harvard grads). Anyways, it's really well written and intriguing to think...
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HELP ME! Need Tech Help 5/25/04
Ok, so one day I see this desktop icon for lycos sidesearch. I'm like.. uhh.. wtf? delete. It didn't go away and is now impossible to get off my...
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In Anger One Finds A Love For Creation10/9/03
I Need Sleep. The Difference Between Need and Want10/8/03
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