Stroking's what it's all about. - Bio

I come into this with good intentions but there is a reasonable chance that it will just deteriorate into bitching about stupid stuff the world does to me.

We shall see.
masturbation. 9/3/03
Waffling. I've been waffling for 2 and a half years. I've done nothing I ought to be proud of. I know I'm a smart guy. But I can't be bothered to practice....
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Miramichi 7/16/03
So on Sunday I woke up at 7 and drank an impressive quantity of coffee. Dad and I, and two friends of ours went about final preperations for our canoe...
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I love your evil ways 7/9/03
So I says to myself I says: "self, we should do some courses this summer to get ourself a little ahead for the fall term so we can eat and...
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Nokia Fueled Rage 7/3/03
So I have a cellphone. I like it. It's yellow, it has lots of phone numbers and bits of wisdom encoded in its tiny little SRAM. Little bits of information...
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