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WOW 1/6/06
In the past year I have laost touch with almost ALL of you! I finally got the internet at my new appartment! Its AWESOME! Life right now is great! I...
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redefining to be redifined 7/28/05
It's funny how a flash in time can ReDifine you completely. Define who you talk to Define your values Define your interests, your goals, your inner most being. Define the music you listen...
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Sex, Drugs, RocknRoll, Drugs, ER.... 6/9/05
Wow life has been a rollercoaster. I don't know why I decided to post on here after all this time, but given the subject you can tell where my life...
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365 days and the pain increases 2/17/05
NOTHING EVERYWHERE IN HOPES OF MORE I sit here alone once again, afraid of moving, afraid of breathing. this moment must last, cuz the next one will be worse whats left of your...
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Tragically losing myself to a fantasy 12/1/04
The pain of my father is slowly dwindling away. I still miss him like crazy, but the reality of is slowly settling in and I can deal. You'd be suprised...
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I bet u think this is about you 11/24/04
Choking on the words I once wasn't obligated to say. Choosing? No way go for the gold as they say. Do I still feel the same, you ask. Is the answer hidden?!? Or am...
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The sweetest love song for you11/6/04
The weeping widow's cry11/6/04
The dreams of tomorrow fell into yesterday11/6/04
Stealing the front man's gun11/6/04
The Star That Could Scar!10/15/04
The skin and cancer center screw over!!!7/4/04
Phases of the lost yet never forgotten7/4/04
An endless pain of reality5/16/04
An ode to strawberry cheesecake5/5/04
Life is like a box of chocolates....4/30/04
California Sunsets4/28/04
Anonymous Support Group Addict3/10/04
Acid Wheels3/9/04
Tomorrow holds nothing relevant3/9/04
Big Sister Syndrome2/2/04
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