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Too lazy to give this a title. 6/4/06
I'm having dreams about clockwork, god damn clockwork, and cats, but thats because they smother me in my sleep. I also figured I'd link to a picture I have up somewhere...
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Rules of Myself #11 4/18/06
Rule #11: If thou dost bloweth chunkth on yee friends, thy friends geteth to telleth thine story. If you vomit on someone, they get to tell the story of how it...
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If the fabric of time should unravel. 2/8/06
Its not my fault, I told her not to use the permenant press setting. Anyways, I'm 21, crazy....
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Cleveland: "Hey Peter, don't you know a red balloon tied to a mailbox 6/20/05
Party on the 1st of July is a go!
This is not just a Party, its a Parents are out of state, the house is just begging to be partied...
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Mandatory Socializing Period 7105 6/13/05
What would you say if you knew I was throwing a party on the first of july. Well guess what, you know. This isn't going to be a fourth of july...
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I'm moving 6/1/05
Just thought you should know...
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