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why does He love me? 9/28/03
Hi Gezim, I'm sorry for not talking much when you called. As you can see I'm not happy. I don't know how to be happy. But I am happy that...
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Man enough for me? 9/22/03
I got my personal experience paper back today. I got an A on it...and there were no markings on it at all. I was so happy. I thank God for...
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oh yeah 9/17/03
Tired I am...today was community outreach day. There were no classes, which was awesome. I went with a group to clean up a couple parks and also the streets of...
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Youch 9/12/03
Well, I've been in college for 3 weeks now. I have already had to turn in a paper. Crazy. But I'm surviving. My longing to go back to Italy hasn't gone...
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miss him 8/10/03
He means a lot to me, and I care about him so much. But the only way I can show him that is by writing emails or calling him. I...
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longing 8/9/03
I'm so far away, and all I do is long to go home. I've had enough of being here. The thought that I might be here for a few years...
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