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Why I haaaate high school 1/17/06
Ok, so there are sooo many reasons why high school sucks, for those of you who are out of it......I hate you all. Here are just a few, do you...
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A woman's place? 1/1/06
So as a female living in this generation of feminists v. the housewives, I can't decide if we know what we want. As a Christian, I get knocked for having...
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______mas...... 12/15/05
The Christmas (yes CHRISTMAS, I said it) season always proves infinitely entertaining for me. There is never any shortage of attempts at reaping the benefits of a thoroughly Christian holiday...
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Suburbian poet....oxymoron perhaps? 12/13/05
Lucky You I probably shouldn’t be a poet. I don’t have anything to say really that anyone would find worth listening to. I didn’t dig myself out of some...
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Into the swirling vortex that is my average week..... 12/4/05
Another weekend has flown by (much to my dismay) and now for another crazy week. Actually this one will probably be a bit more frantic than the average circus, it's...
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Alrighty then... 12/3/05
This is unbelievably random! Frankly, I'm not even sure how I found this place, but hey, it beats myspace (no, I don't have a myspace). So am I supposed to...
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