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My little buddy the arachnid 4/14/05
I have to say I'm becoming completely infatuated with spiders. They're very intimidating and I think thats what makes them so intriguing. The thought of touching a spider or one...
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Ahoy Maties! 3/28/05
I woke up with a hangover this morning, and let me tell you why. We had a dance last night. Awww highschool-That's what you're thinking. Well this dance was pirate...
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Read this it may save someone's life. 3/24/05
I heard several words of wisdom today but I only learned one important thing: Any man, in the right situation, is capable of murder. But not any man is capable...
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Canada Eh? 3/23/05
It was one of those mornings where you wake up and say: "Time to do something random, and drag a couple friends down with you." So Bryant, Luke, and I...
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To what do you owe the Pleasure? 3/12/05
I've noticed lately small things that are encouraging my laziness, which I'm not entirely opposed to. So for your viewing pleasure I have made a list! Straws: I don't even have...
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Too lazy to give this a title. 3/10/05
So My hispanic neighbors are sitting in their yard in lawn chairs. Just chatting. That's all. I like that. I like that they sit in their chairs and let their...
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