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I seem to have misplaced a certain vital organ... 3/7/05
Havent written in a while. Little update: I was hit by a car riding my bike to school on Thursday. Tonight I wished that car had kept going after I...
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John Theodore is the Man 3/2/05
So I've been pretty effin busy with drumming and stuff. Last weekend was the bomb. There's this girl that I'm really into that things kind of connected with. I hope...
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ahh, the superiority of technology 2/13/05
So we had our show in Riverside this weekend. We came in fourth place, out of four, but I must say, we kicked ass. Our sound system didn't work either...
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Yes, OMG Yes 2/9/05
Have you ever had one of those days where you just got rid of all of the stress you had instantly? I can finally pay for the damn drumline, I...
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Be prepared... 2/7/05
The art of war says: Knowing yourself, but not knowing your enemy, that is half the victory. Knowing your enemy, but not knowing yourself, that is half the victory. Knowing...
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Another busy ass weekend. Momentum, Momentum, Momentum, just think, elevate. Hopefully somoeone will have a party so I can have some fun this weekend. Gotta find some money before next...
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In remembrance...2/3/05
I thought it was love... more like a punch in the face.2/1/05
I think I'm Nocturnal...1/31/05
No Time To Relax...1/29/05
If only I had some armor and a horse...1/26/05
Get me Out of Here1/24/05


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