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What to do? 10/3/05
What do you do when the person who made you feel complete, the person who made you feel a happiness that you thought was lost for years to come, the...
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If you could only see... 9/20/05
What do you think when I'm not around?
How do you feel when I'm not around?
Are you secure in my feelings towards you? You should be. You, every aspect...
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How can this be? 9/7/05
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Requiem for an Idealistic Dream...or Thoughts from a Greyhound 4/20/05
We were young. Mature for our age, though we may have been, the simple fact was that we were teens. We were young. For as adult as...
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Truly incredible 1/29/05
True Life Survival Stories We've all heard of at least one. You are impressed when you hear them, yet 5 minutes later, you've forgotten most of the...
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Making a difference 1/20/05
This feeling...this feeling I have is incredible. This is completely foreign to me, and I love it. I actually made a difference today...not just a little thing, like...
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Afraid to Stop1/9/05
A mile in the rain1/4/05


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