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I will always remember fondly 12/17/06
Atop the twenty third floor of the Treasure Island Hotel, my sister got a phone call that no one wants to receive. Yes, it was that phone call. The phone call...
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My Star is Fading 11/6/06
I'm so tired of feeling melencoly. This perpertual inadequacy that floods my thoughts, I'm sure I've had enough of it. Maybe its the uncertainity that gets me all of the...
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Whining ramblings 10/30/06
My mind is constantly spinning. Not the good spinning, mind you. This is the "please, oh God, make it stop, I've lost control" spinning. When did self-sacrifice become the...
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Would I? 9/21/06
Or wouldn't I? Could I really take that chance? She's right, it really isn't worth thinking about. But who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear, right? Truthfully, I hope I...
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Authorization Required 5/9/06
Well, if ever you wanted your point to be made, I think I've gotten it now. I've sat here for the past week, honestly lamenting the way things turned out. ...
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Who knows where thoughts come from? 3/7/06
I know I forgot something. What was it? I walk along the street, absentmindedly pulling my fingers through my hair as I pass the store fronts. They keep getting...
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Blessings Clear as Day11/25/04
My mind is captivated11/22/04
Incoherant Metaphors11/1/04
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