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This journal is a place for my random late night writings and a place to when I feel creative. However, that is not too often anymore. I don't know where my creativity went, I think it ran away. Or maybe you stole it!
Arizona's Fastest High Speed Pursuit... 12/11/04
...its an entertaining thought. Don't you believe so? Hell, we could turn it into probably one of the fastsest in US history...200 mph anyone? A car you could buy a...
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Out to lunch. Back when I give a damn... 12/4/04
Yeah, so the past few days and today have really altered my perception of things and how they stand from its current course. School has gotten to the point where...
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A Realization about Myself... 11/21/04
I am sitting here on the computer, when I could be doing homework that is due in a few days, studying for my upcomming SAT's and ACT's, or even studying...
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School...never gives you a break. 11/11/04
Cross country finally came to an end on Saturday with the State Cross Country Championship...we did okay. Only Hunter ran their best, though I had an okay race, finishing fourth...
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Too much to do, not enough time. 10/23/04
Things are slightly hectic around here once again, but that seems to be the norm. And for those of you who know me, you know that when things get crazy,...
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