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How To Seat People 8/25/04
This is a paper I had to write for my Co Op class and I thought it was kind of funny. Maybe not. Who knows.... My work has addressed four of...
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"Worlds Greatest Dad" 7/18/04
So, now that I'm an official working girl, I get the official pay check. But nothing to even impress myself. It's that pithily, high school amount pay check that only...
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Worky Conformist. 6/12/04
I conformed like all the other good kids in this country and got myself a summer job. It's harder then people give credit. It took me a good, 4-5 months...
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Prying Deeper Then They Know 6/7/04
Ok...So I just got finished with reading all my friends that I know of (Jason, Erin and Chris) Journals and I realized how much I don't know. I didn't know...
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Death Loves A Good Chase. 6/7/04
she ran as fast as she could, which really wasn't anything to brag about. but this was life or death it seemed, and she had also joked before "i only...
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Hearts Garden 6/6/04
She gasped at the landscape before her. Everything seemed like a dream, having it's own sacred glow. The grass was so green and gentle looking. If you were to fall,...
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