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Diffused's journal entries, short and sweet that is all they are. Long and bitter, they are griping sagas of my everyday life usually involving my friends and me sitting around to some extent. Most likely the mundane life of my job will be tossed into the mix for some added tart flavor. Enjoy!

WTF is a Tootsie Roll? 11/1/06
It's a bastard piece of chocolate the tricks me with its brown wrapper... that's what it is. I hate you brown piece of goo. Are you fucking wax or taffy or what?...
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My First Irish Post 6/8/05
I hate I Books for one. The bloody shift key is in a totally wrong place so hence forth no capitalization. secondly ireland if bloody good fun. i...
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My Friend Trev Will Appreciate This 4/7/05
It started again... the addiction of oddities, bright colors and strange music. I swore it wouldn't return, it had been dead for years. Nobody else is even doing...
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My Statistical Mishap 1/30/05
This is another entry about statistics. I'm not sure why I felt the need to post another stats entry maybe I was feeling left out. Actually to say...
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My Turn for Random Quotes 12/31/04
Everybody does this and mostly they're the only funny if there type things.. but what the hell some of them are somewhat amusing. So against my initial judgements and...
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My Most Shining Hour 11/21/04
or My First Car Accident It's a few days after the fact and most people already know about it. A testament to my stupidity or rather lack of cordination. ...
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My First Bad Day in a While11/3/04
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My Desk Job7/14/04
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My Newest Interview6/8/04
My Second Freakout5/9/04
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My Permanent Boycott on AM/PM5/3/04
My Taxicab Confessions4/25/04
My Big Upset Friday4/10/04
My Room Smells Tropically Fresh3/29/04
My Friends are all Gone!3/19/04
My Truth Tables3/16/04
My Metallica Concerts3/4/04
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