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I FOUND TONY 7/27/05
http://vicfirth.com/features/DCI2005.html scroll down, blue devils fron ensemble...
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:| 2/24/05
i want to destroy something beautiful it feels like the ground i was standing on has given way and im falling through i thought i had these demons beat turns out they were...
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no more taking a bullet for me 9/30/04
bleh, im coming to terms with the fact that i really dont want to be a cop. Deep down, i really hate the idea of myself going out and enforcing...
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boring sentimental entry, dont read 8/6/04
cheers to personal growth. i know ive come such a long way in this last year than i probably have in my entire life. a year ago i was still completely...
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still crossing the line 7/10/04
i will be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake. 4 weeks down, 2 to go. tales from camp comming soon....
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not how i wanted to leave 6/11/04
the dumb cunt had the nerve to wake me up and bitch about everything thats happend since ive been here. then has the gal to try and tell me that...
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6 days6/7/04
this is not my room, this is not my bed6/4/04
My first time taking Viagra6/3/04
another update5/4/04
YAY! im not dead3/27/04
Where is the simple answer?3/3/04
the flash3/1/04
just one of those days2/5/04
My Birthday Present from the Highway Patrol2/1/04
and the break ends1/20/04
sigh, so unloved11/2/03
damnit! dont use your teeth!10/31/03
ummmmmm okay....10/30/03
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