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a thousand lights going off in my head 7/16/07
Hola, I am at Coffee Rush in Gilbert. It's my summer hangout space, even if "hangout" just means "me and my laptop". The rain still hasn't made it all the way...
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lista 12/30/06
On the last day of finals, after my last day of work, I ran into one of my friends on campus. We talked about our respective classes, and she told...
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belated 10/15/06
I can't listen to Panic! at the Disco without remembering the Saturday night after Helaine got her wisdom teeth pulled. All she could do that weekend was hold a compress...
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it's just the drink 9/25/06
Augie March took at least twelve listens to get into, but it latches and grows and I guess I'm forced to admit that I have a new obsession. It's weird...
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time to grow up 8/23/06
Painting should be... interesting? The teacher (professor? he's new) talks in terms of "exercises" and "problems" and "solutions", and claims that he might just change the very way we look...
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individuals 7/10/06
"so... have you slept with an Australian boy yet?" "I hope someone picks a fight with me today, so I can punch them in the face." "...I'll see you...
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sunset studies6/18/06
twenty minutes until a final, and I've got to think of a title5/8/06
the appropriate responses are wrong1/22/06
holiday cheer!12/22/05
in the spirit of the aviator11/25/05
thanks a lot, Nick10/9/05
I have PMS so it's okay.9/19/05
so. college.8/28/05
you were not home, therefore you are gay.7/13/05
how I spent my summer vacation7/1/05
science bites!6/10/05
too I don't know what for a title5/8/05
thanks I'm over it4/24/05
I'm not growing up, just burning out3/23/05
letters from tomorrow3/3/05
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