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Who knows what this journal will turn out like... It's all my thoughts, feelings, and rantings on anything and everything. Life is one heck of a ride. Jump in the driver's seat and hit the gas...
Sooner or Later 5/22/06
It's been an entire year... wow. I still can't believe it. I just happened to be sorting through some old files and find a journal entry that was from What are the...
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It's Finally Come to this... 4/28/05
It's finally come to this... I am finished with my frosh year of college - a day I have waited for my entire life. It's so crazy to think that an...
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Sentimental Times... 4/23/05
I read this poem for a class and it touched my spirit. I believe everything that it has to say and stands for. I am not worthy, but I am...
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19 Days to Go... 4/9/05
Here I sit, in my dorm room, looking out over the ocean on this warm sunny morning, thinking. I am thinking about how fast this year has flown by. Freshman...
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Perfect Life... 3/24/05
Perfect life. Paradox, right? It's funny how these two words can hold so much meaning. Thousands of people strive for perfection every single day of their lives. I am one of those...
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Things change like the weather patterns 3/19/05
Last week was gorgeous. Finally, after a long month and a half of gloominess and rain, Malibu was touched by the sun again. Everyday was clear, blue, warm 80s, and...
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All Right Kiddies, The Time has Come3/3/05
Spring Break...2/28/05
Superficiality and sorts...2/3/05
My chemistry professor sounds like the Count from Sesame Street...1/24/05
After the Rain1/12/05
Finals are over, and it is time to head on home...12/16/04
Life is good: I'm in my comfy sweats...12/10/04
LB... the defibrillator for my night12/8/04
Running Mix12/6/04
For this gift...12/5/04
Quick! I am on a break!12/1/04
Tomorrow, my stress is relieved11/23/04
Party in C Suite!!!11/20/04
You Know What Today Is...???11/16/04
It's finally happened...I thought it was avoidable11/14/04
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