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"out of gas, out of road, out of car 3/25/04
i dont know how im gonna go and..." my car is broken....
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Daily Show 11/24/03
im going to go ahead and review episodes of the daily show when i get a chance to see them. (you're welcome) i saw the episode for 11/23/03 i liked...
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who you gonna call? 11/20/03
Ghostbusters! i was charging my eight hour battery today, when i was struck with the idea to throw it, along with its charger down the hall. reminding me of the...
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day to what? 11/17/03
see look at the dates... it really is day two -so far im 2 for 2, im proud of myself. its also monday, i have plenty to do, but now...
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i'll always remember my first... 11/16/03
welcome me to the site, this is my first entry....
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