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What to do...when I'm so far away...Why am I so far away. I've left my home and started over. I left so much back home. But I left my first love. My love is there and we are still together. I see a problem though, there is a guy here who remind me of him. Am I to long to be so serious in a relationship with my long distance love. I never want to leave him and hurt him. Then again I've only ever loved him and dated him. He is my first. I'm in college now and for once in my life guys are knowing that I exist. There is a guy here is totally my type a sweetie and a hottie. What am i suppose to do...Should I stay with this guy or should I persuade this relationship here. I love my boyfriend, but how do i know that he is being faithful. Everyone keeps telling me that i have to make a decison but I dont' want to, what to do. I think I've decided to stay friend with the guy here and keep my b/f. If things are meant to happen they will, right? Why is life and love so complexs
virgin...not virgin.... 3/1/04
virgin...not virgin....I never realzied how much my morals would be tested as I entered this new world called college. I never realized how much your heart test your mind. HOw...
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hmm.... 3/1/04
hmmm....new beginnings and new ends? I sit here in philosophy wandering if this guy could talk anymore. Mr.I'm all powerful god listen to my words.I sit here wondering if the...
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facing tomorrow liek today...understanding yesterday like it was today 11/12/03
Yesterday or is it today...today or is it yesterday...What are we who are we? Who am I? What am I? These questions run through my head, as I sit here...
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