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I know, Shutup! 12/31/03
Well, it's New Year's Eve, and as such, the preparations for partyness are at hand. Yesterday was the last day of a four-day rehearsal camp at Momentum. 9:00am to 9:00pm...
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The day after... (and quotes) 12/26/03
The day after I got back from tour //081103// I cried. I fell on my bed, stared at the blank ceiling, held my stuffed tiger, and cried. I hadn't realized...
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Went on a Roadtrip 12/25/03
So last Wednesday I left for Wisconsin, drove all the way there. I was a little over-zealous and tried to make the 25 hour trip in 18 or less, thus...
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I love IHOP 12/13/03
and here's why: Austin (server): Hey Tony, what's the difference between an apple and a dead baby? Tony: Oh god... Austin: You don't cum in the apple before you eat it. Tony: Jesus, I'm...
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jeremy is the cause of multi-post 12/4/03
When you beat on that drum, talk in that tongue You're just scratching on the surface So tell me what it means, a whisper to a scream Slowly fades away Then you wake up And...
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moment of clarity 12/4/03
That day, that day, what a mess, what a marvel. I walked into that cloud again and I lost myself and I'm sad, sad, sad, small, alone, scared, craving purity,...
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not in the mood, but okay11/24/03
'tis the season11/18/03
I make great nooses, ask the baby10/12/03
technology hates you too9/30/03
Group #701648, M4745455819/27/03
sitting outside PSY B1729/24/03
if these walls could talk...9/22/03
like the coffee all over again9/21/03
it's like yahtzee with people9/17/03
hurrah for isreal!9/14/03
kinda like why i don't sleep anymore9/10/03
premature nostalgia9/10/03
It could've gone both ways9/7/03
The formation9/4/03
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