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It's been a while! 11/17/05
Hola everyone.... it has been so long since i have written anything in here, but i have some spare time at work and thought i would write again! :) Well alot...
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That stupid co worker 5/4/04
Ok, well everyone i think i have officially met the most ignorant man ive ever known in my entire life and i have ran into quite a few! Yes i...
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My Weird Life 4/27/04
Hello all, i decided to come back and write another entry because ive got alot on my mind right now! I feel like i am going crazy and getting no...
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my whoopdy 2/16/04
hello again! I know its amazing that i am writing this many journals. Anyways.. so this weekend was fun but i will get to that in a second. I actually...
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How stupid am I??? 2/10/04
Well everyone i think i finally realized how easily i can be convinced of something and end up being DEAD wrong! If that makes any sense. Yesterday i brought my...
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dream a little dream 2/3/04
Hello, im back again! :) I am sitting at work and have nothing to do so i thought i would write another entry. I was just sitting here thinking about...
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11 Entries
Entry Date
What a wonderful life1/29/04
Work, work, oh and more work!9/13/03
Time to celebrate8/23/03
What is wrong with me?8/15/03
My journey to AZ8/8/03


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