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So fulfill that voyeuristic urge deep within you and watch as my "life" unfolds. It's nothing all too exciting, but enough to keep you reading, or I could only hope.

My entry titles are funny. Not ha-ha, joking funny. The scheme I follow, or whatever you want to call it is weird in a funny way to me... Sometimes they're just lyrics from songs in my head at the time. Other times they're little blips I make up, sometimes because they sound cool, but far more often with the sinister undertone of something affecting me in some way. Melodramaticness in its most subtle...

Besides, I'm not writing for you anyway.

Read on.
I am Chris' web site, loved... 6/20/03
I love my web site. I really do. I'm so glad to see it being used as a forum for creative though, everyday-life-archiving, and the like, and to...
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I am Chris' San Deigo Vacation 6/14/03
Well, it looks as if Isaac will be picking me up within the half hour (it's 2:19 am presently) for our grand voyage to San Diego. I won't be getting back...
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I am Chris' lack of sleep... 6/13/03
5:00 am Let's see... In the past few hours, Luke and I have watched A Beautiful Mind, Family Guy, Scrubs, Tough Crowd, Frasier, Last Comic Standing, and now Everybody Loves Raymond....
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I am Chris' favorite cookie... 6/11/03
That's right, due to popular demand, cookies now work when logging in! Just click "remember me", and OIO will! No more entering your user name and password everytime you want...
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I am Chris' love for bubbles... 6/11/03
Well today was a lot of fun... Deanna, Beth, Diana, Rachael, April, Luke, Stevie, Brent, and Phil (et al) all decided it'd be great fun to swim in our community pool......
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I am Chris' musing-explanation... 6/10/03
I just authored one incredibly long musing... It's sort of a collective spewing forth of my emotions from past relationships, and how I feel now, "left behind", such...
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