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So fulfill that voyeuristic urge deep within you and watch as my "life" unfolds. It's nothing all too exciting, but enough to keep you reading, or I could only hope.

My entry titles are funny. Not ha-ha, joking funny. The scheme I follow, or whatever you want to call it is weird in a funny way to me... Sometimes they're just lyrics from songs in my head at the time. Other times they're little blips I make up, sometimes because they sound cool, but far more often with the sinister undertone of something affecting me in some way. Melodramaticness in its most subtle...

Besides, I'm not writing for you anyway.

Read on.
If you ever make a mess, I'll do anything for you... 4/23/06
I haven't just sat down and written, for some time. I've been busy. But not so busy as to preclude me from writing. I've been reclusive. But not enough to keep...
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Honey Bunches of Lucky Charms. Whatever. 4/14/06
You know, it's great when the bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds you wanted (devotees might recall that it's my favorite cereal) transforms, as if by magic, into...
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What a week it has been. 4/3/06
This last week was absolutely nuts. I had a trial and a... well... a guilty verdict. There was lots of work, a haircut, a really good dinner at Ibiza, hardly...
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One day of winter is too many for me... 3/12/06
So I headed up to Strawberry yesterday afternoon to help my dad build some stairs for the cottage. Problem #1. It started to snow a little bit, but not enough to...
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Crazy Weekend 2/21/06
So this weekend was just a bit of terrific. I ended up bouncing over to the Renaissance Festival with the redhead on Saturday, and we had quite a great time....
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Shoutroom? New Sites? Que Locos? 2/5/06
So I finally let shoutroom.com drop. I might grab it, since I'm still in the grace period, but what do you guys think? Is anyone still using it as a...
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November 9th, 200511/9/05
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Refrigerated confessionals...10/22/05
Standard ramblings...10/17/05
If your world comes crashing down, you can bet I'll have kettlecorn...10/15/05
Phone it in.10/7/05
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