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So fulfill that voyeuristic urge deep within you and watch as my "life" unfolds. It's nothing all too exciting, but enough to keep you reading, or I could only hope.

My entry titles are funny. Not ha-ha, joking funny. The scheme I follow, or whatever you want to call it is weird in a funny way to me... Sometimes they're just lyrics from songs in my head at the time. Other times they're little blips I make up, sometimes because they sound cool, but far more often with the sinister undertone of something affecting me in some way. Melodramaticness in its most subtle...

Besides, I'm not writing for you anyway.

Read on.
Truth is beauty, even at its most raw. 9/13/08
You say you never dream, but I know that you do. You just simply don't remember them. I wonder what visions and realities are tied up in your head at...
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It's Good Times. 12/9/07
Sometimes, I wish I could write more. There's never a good reason not to, but I hardly ever do anymore. I used to be able to use my journal as a...
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Stay out of trouble, stay in touch... 9/20/07
It's strange... What once was a portal dialed in to all of my closest friends, something they were guaranteed to read and follow and ask about, has simply slipped into...
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THINGS are happening! 4/2/07
Heh. New office, good times. Other things, good times. Ducks++ Etc. Life is busy. Cruise coming soon. Puerto Vallarta, too? Etc?...
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Absolutelyeverythingyouneedtoknowinoneconveniententry.You'rewelcome. 2/18/07
I need to hire a biographer. Except for journaling. Does anyone even read this anymore? Things are busy. Hopefully, some amazing jamming to come on Tuesday, but we'll have to see. New band...
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You get so alone sometimes, it just makes sense... 12/26/06
I usually love Christmas. I enjoy the sentiment, and I like the concept of a season that changes people's routines. I think that if we didn't have something substantial to rally...
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Live a fortune cookie life...5/20/06
The most provocative music video I've seen in a *long* time...4/27/06
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